2018 Week One – “Stable Genius”

Looks like 2018 took up where 2017 left off. Cable news provided one revelation after another with the salacious excerpts of a new book thrown in just for fun. Yes indeed, another week where our Representatives and Senators got nothing good done. If it were not for tweets by our “Stable Genius”, top billing would have been the Attorney General’s announcing the unleashing of Federal Law Enforcement on legal marijuana.

Now that approximately a third of the population of the US lives where recreational marijuana is legal and over half live where medical marijuana is legal, the AG has decided it is ok to prosecute us selectively. One outcome of this in a rational Washington would be for Congress to immediately remove marijuana from the Schedule One Drug list. A rational Congress would. We will see.

An interesting twist at the end of the week is that our “Stable Genius” President announced he was willing to meet one on one with the “Unstable Genius” Kim Jong-un, President of North Korea. Hard to imagine the “size of my button boys” meeting one on one. I can hear it now, “Mine is bigger than yours”, “show me yours and I will show you mine”! The outcome of such a meeting would surely be them dividing up the World. I wonder who gets China, who gets Russia???

This all came out during a press opportunity at Camp David where “Stable Genius” Don has cornered the Republican Congressional leadership and a few Cabinet heads to strategize the Legislative Agenda for the year. Hold on to your wallets ’cause no good can come from this. At least it will give the Sunday morning talk shows something to talk about and plenty of experts to interview.

The 2018 elections are 304 days away. Stay tuned.