Doing Something

Having endured another mass shooting murder this week, suffering through the failed immigration debate, and finding that the Special Counsel has indicted 13 Russians and Russian companies for meddling in the 2016 election, there are some to do list politcal steps to be contemplated that would move us forward.

  1. Constitutional Amendment to limit the terms of elected US Representatives and US Senators. 12 years of continuous service in either office, 6 terms as a US Representative and 2 terms as a US Senator. There must be a break in service of at least 2 years before being allowed to run for any other office.
    1. Honestly, I have never been a fan of term limits; however, in the last few decades Representatives and Senators are elected and re-elected based on gerrymandering and name recognition. This has rendered our current government non-functional.
    2. Term limits should allow the elected official to vote for the best interests of our country and their constituents.
  2. Constitutional Amendment to limit the election campaign cycle. The Federal Election cycle is limited to 6 months.
    1. The Federal Election Cycle will begin with Primary and Caucus elections starting 1 May of the election year with all Primaries and Caucus’s to be complete no later than July 31 of the election year. Party conventions and caucus’s are to occur between August 1 and August 31 of the Election year. General election campaigns can not start before 1 September of the election year.
    2. Campaign contributions can only be made between 1 May of the election year and date of the General Election.
    3. Violaters of this Amendment will be disqualified from office.
  3. Constitutional Amendment to fund Federal Elections.
    1. No Corporation, LLC, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship or like entity may contribute funds or considerations of any type to a Federal Election Campaign.
    2. All media shall give equal time or space to every candidate.
    3. All contributions to a candidate or campaign will be listed by name and amount and published in the order of the amount received, at the end of the month recieved.
    4. Violations of this Amendment will disqualify the candidate from office.
  4. Constitutional Amendment that every American Citizen will be treated equally to every other American Citizen with no exception.
  5. Constitutional Amendment to repeal the 2nd Amendment
    1. Simply remove the Constitutional right to bear arms.
    2. Allows Congress, the States and local governments to regulate firearms.

Knowing full well these action items will be difficult if not impossible to move forward in the current Congress, and that there are a lot of other good ideas out there, I owuld suggfest thought be given to a Constitutional Convention. This is fraught with risk as very powerful forces would come into play and the outcome would not be certain.

Our institutions are being attacked and dimished on a daily basis. The United States has changed a lot in the last 240 years and we must accept these changes. We must reform ourselves into a thriving, free society or we will be doomed to the dust bin of history. We must rise up and demand the current system be changed. Time is short.