Cohen Testimony “Witch Hunt!!”

The one most irritating thing about the Cohen testimony today is that there has to be unambiguous evidence sitting in some prosecutors file cabinet that trump, his family, his company committed crimes and these folks are not being drug before a judge. Yes, yes I know, umpteen felons have been brought to justice or at least indicted. And, of course, there is the made up DOJ rule against indicting a sitting President. Hell by now only the remotest of hermits knows all this stuff. Why can’t the American people have the peace of mind and certitude of a couple jury trials?

This is not even partisan politics anymore. A paper and electronic trail exists of, at least, campaign finance violations, willful mis-reporting of campaign expenditures, fraud, felony charitable foundation expenditures, suborning perjury, treason and tax evasion. And many more. Its been two years of investigation, is there not more? Can it be that Mueller and the SDNY really don’t have enough evidence to bring trump, jr. to trial? Could it be reality that all these investigations, all this cable news trash talk is really just partisan politics, a “witch hunt” ?

Frankly, I think not. However, the old saying that “justice delayed is justice denied” applies to the current hot mess that is going on in the trump world. The man is down to 22 months in office with only about 10 months until the 2020 election cycle really takes hold and stops everything from working in Washington. There must be some resolution  to these crimes in the coming 10 months so the American people can choose the candidates they want to represent them without this cloud hanging over the whole lot. From my humble perspective there a lot of politicians who have to answer to the American people for their actions and we need for our political system to work. How do we know who to believe, to trust, to listen too? How do we accept that our form of self-government works? How do we heal ourselves?

Congressional hearings are eye openers but not justice. The “Mueller Report” will make for good reading, such as it may be. Impeachment, in this case, a partisan zoo without conclusion. No, we need indictments, arrests, jury trials and prison terms. And, as unlikely as it seems, if this proves to be some concocted scheme to discredit a President then it applies doubly to those who concocted the story. Let them do the perp walk, let them sit in front of a jury, let them do jail time.

For me, enough of the endless investigations, enough of the lies, enough of the Congressional hearings. Enough. Bring your best stuff before a judge and jury. Lets see conviction or redemption. Its time.