21 Months Until A New Presidency

January 2021 can not come fast enough for most of us. The changing of the current administration into something other than it is today will be welcome. The new beginnings are sprouting up in the Democratic Party with countless hoards running for President. In this time of overabundance of candidates running as Democrats there is still a dearth of Republican opponents of trump and no serious 3rd party candidates have emerged causing all the political activity to trump versus the world. It looks like we will see a lot of trump versus the world in the coming months. Speaking of which, let’s check in on the Mueller Report.

1) Mueller Investigation – Impatiently waiting on the report (still)

    No report yet; however, we have the Barr Summary of the Mueller Summary, sort of. Simply put a mess right now. As thought the case for conspiracy against trump is weak or non-existent. The truth appears to be that it was a collection of grifters, n’r do wells, climbers, outright crooks and hangers on all trying to make millions off the trump campaign. Most of these folks are or will be convicted of their crimes. Obstruction of justice by trump will only be adjudicated by the political process of impeachment which I still say the Democratic Party has no stomach for. 

  We all need to see the full Mueller report so we can read it and make up our own mind about what occurred. The sooner the better.

2) House investigations

  Proceeding onward as expected. Long road to go here. 


  Still the hot seat. These folks will be dropping the shoe or shoes of the Judicial System on all things trump. Stay tumed.

4) North Korea

  Playing the long game. Being quiet as they build up nuclear materials and bigger rockets.

5) China

  Working on trump for a favorable trade deal. The expectation is that trump will fold on this on.

6) Border Wall

  Trump winning. More migrants trying to get in, more Mexican activity on stopping the migrations looks like trump doing something. His primary distraction from reality and favorite foil right now.

7) Venezuela

  Still no hope. Got to invade. Although the Russians are messing with the plan.

8). Trump is definitely unstable. He is making pronouncements now and backtracking just days later. Flailing around trying to find something that will stick to the wall. Looks more unhinged every day.

9) The Democratic Presidential field continues to grow. Mayor Pete is the current hot prospect. Hold your powder until the first debate.

21 months to go. 9 months to 2020. Wow.