The Mueller Report and Impeachment

The Mueller Report has finally landed. This document is a fair and well documented report on the goings on between the Russians and the trump campaign. It lays out in detail, witness and document substantiated evidence, that trump attempted to obstruct the inquiry. The report found there was no conspiracy to interfere in the 2016 Presidential Election between the Russians and trump. Also, the report found that the DOJ constraints placed on prosecutors precluded the indictment of trump for any crime while acting as the sitting President. The summary of the report leaves it to the American voter as to what to do with all these facts and evidence. Following Mr. Mueller’s path by taking a look at the report’s conclusions and applying them to a roadmap of action here are my takeaways.

1) The trump Campaign and trump himself willfully met with Russians for the purpose of enhancing business prospects in Russia and elsewhere by sharing election related information in the hopes the Russians would help Mr. trump get elected or help Mr. trump build a “Tower” in Moscow.

2) The trump Campaign attracted all sorts of unsavory, grifters, cheats, grifters and folks on the come. Many of these folks either needed or wanted to make money off the Campaign and did not care much how they did it.

3) Because all these folks were acting for their own greedy purposes, there was no effort to coordinate their activities. No one in the campaign really thought trump would win and the goal of the whole effort was to make money and more money, however one could. Hence; there was no conspiracy, just very bad, unpatriotic and despicable behavior.

4) Mr. trump instructed people who worked for him as President to lie in order to protect him. He instructed people to create memos to file that would be contrary to the actual actions taken. There are indeed 10 instances of obstruction of justice by Mr. trump.

5) Mr. Mueller has left it up to us to demand impeachment, or demand the DOJ change its policy so that Mr. trump can be indicted and tried while in office, or vote him out of office in the 2020 elections.

What’s the American Citizen to do? Frankly, we can expect the Justice Department to stay the course on the current policy. Let’s take this option off the table until after the 2020 elections. Impeachment is a real possibility as Mr. trump has surely violated his oath of office, almost certainly committed treason, and has installed the most inept and corrupt administration since the 1920’s.

While impeachment is the Constitutional remedy and low hanging fruit for the Democratic House, this path is blocked by the Republicans. It will take an unexpected turn of the Republican voter to put enough pressure on the Senate to make impeachment work. A background consideration in this mess is that no one in the Republican Party wants a Pence Presidency, what can one expect of Republican Senators?

Voting him out of office in 2020 looks like the path that will surely move us to a better place. It is not just voting him out, we must purge ourselves of the Republican Party in 2020. The people who gave us the trump Presidency and participated in this mess must be punished. Those who willingly lied to us must be punished.

It is our obligation to find the anti-trumps out there who will work to restore honesty and decency to America. We must elect people who truly believe in our Constitution and respect the rule of law. There are many good people running for office even at this early date and we must support their efforts.

It is our obligation to absorb the Mueller Report, to evaluate the recent history of events, to observe the effects of the trump Presidency on our country as a whole and the world in general. To take action to ensure we are on a course that represents our values, our way of life and the best interests of all the people. We need to return to being that beacon on the hill.