See, The Thing About Elizabeth Warren

A plan for everything. Paying for Medicare for All. The nuttiness of putting all this out there for everyone to take pot shots at. Warren steadfastly calls Americans to think big. Ask for big change. Anyone paying even a little of attention to the Democratic Primary campaign will see this unashamed and unabashed strategy from Warren. The cable news folks keep picking at her for progressive policies that they say the American people will not vote for. A different thought on this deserves review.

The Democratic nominee can not go halfway. The best policies and plans for Americas future go through the House and Senate before getting to the Presidents desk. Any bill presented to the House is going to get beat up, amended, added too and subtracted from before it goes to the Senate. The Senate will go through their own version of the sausage grinder or may do as now, just ignore the House. The situation makes it important to start out with the most aggressive policy positions in the hope of some compromise version will make it through. If one starts in the middle what can be expected to come out of the legislative process??

Warren may not win the nomination; however, the other Democratic candidates need to take a bolder stand. This campaign is likely to be the most negative we have ever seen. Lies, lies, and more lies aimed at character assassination, diversion and distraction. How do the Democrats combat this? Not by being middling, not by being timid, not by trying to out trump trump. No, I think not.

A positive presentation of America post trump, asking Americans to be bigger than themselves, a call to American values with a campaign that energizes and excites the public. This is what will elect the Democratic candidate. Dems must aim high and be strong like Warren. It really is a good thing to have policies and plans for everything. It really is a good thing to challenge us all to rethink our positions. It is a long way to the nomination and it is likely one of the other candidates will beat out Warren; however, we should insist this candidate have all her characteristics. Ignore the cable news pundits, ignore the naysayers, ignore the middle of the road group. Thinking big will win. Thinking big will build a better America.